Let light into your home

16 May 2019

Some homes simply don’t have enough natural light. Here are a few fresh ideas to let more light in:

Hang a huge mirror The first thing you can do in order to enhance the intensity of natural light within your home is to hang a mirror right across from a window. The mirror will bounce the light back, raising the level of light within the room.

Metallic accessories Metallic accessories have similar reflective properties so they too can be of immense help in this struggle. Pushing this trend too far may make your home look cold, sharp and uncomfortable though, so use them in moderation.

Transparent curtains When choosing curtains, you need to find a compromise between having privacy and having some light within the room. Translucent curtains conceal your indoor activities while letting some sunshine enter the room.

The right choice of paint can bring a significant amount of light into a dark room. Some colours are naturally bright, while others have reflective properties. Sunny yellow, powder blue and lavender are the most obvious choices. Those looking for something more neutral could go for soft grey or pale pink.

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