Five easy ways to go green at work

15 Feb 2018

Commute smarter 1. Walk or cycle to work. 2. Use public transportation. 3. If you must drive, arrange a lift club.

Save energy 1. If you're not using it, turn it off. 2. Enable energy saving settings on all equipment.

Live healthier 1. Get rid of toxic cleaners and personal products in your office kitchen and bathrooms. 2. Add plants to your workspace — they filter the air. 3. Take the stairs instead of the lift.

Waste less 1. Set 'double sided' as the default setting on your printer. 2. Go electronic instead of printing hard copies where possible: use PowerPoint presentations, get e-subscriptions and use web resources.

Conserve water 1. Ban bottled water. Use a stainless steel travel cup.

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