Stay-Sane Travel Tips for Parents

6 Dec 2017

  1. Don’t let your kids pack their own entertainment. If your kids are under age 10, then don’t let them be in charge of their own travel bags. Instead, take the reigns. Pack each kid a personalised bag of good travel toys, books, and other entertainment. Don’t let them know what’s inside the bag until after you’re on the road (build up that anticipation!), and always include something that’s new or hasn’t been played with in a while.

  2. Pack snacks—lots of them. Bringing your own snacks and water bottles tends to minimise stops, cut down costs, and keep tummies content. Even if you don’t usually eat in the car, consider making an exception and just pack a handheld vacuum.

  3. Take advantage of rest areas. If you are travelling with kids, petrol stations are often the best places to stop for bathroom breaks or to stretch your legs. The restrooms tend to be well maintained, and many of them have picnic tables and green space so you can eat lunch while the kids run around.

  4. Stay flexible. Remaining flexible when travelling with kids. Yes, make a plan and try to stick to it, but also allow space for the unexpected. One way or another you’ll get there. Eventually...

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