5 gorgeous garden walkway ideas

21 Nov 2017

This summer, don’t leave your flowerbeds looking ho-hum. Check out these 5 gorgeous garden walkway ideas:

  1. Take the First Step Stepping stone walkways are always in style. They appeal to everyone – especially children. They love using them for their summertime chalk art! Stones come in a variety of colours. You can choose what suits your style best. Comprised of large stones placed in a bed of gravel, these walkways allow you more creativity and flexibility in your yard design. You can place the gravel in any shape you like. You can also decide whether your walkway will be single-file, or if it will accommodate two people side by side for a leisurely stroll.

  2. Lead The Way Garden pathways aren’t about getting from point A to point B. They’re about enjoying the journey. Meandering paths through scenic gardens are healthy for you. Create peace in your home garden by using a curved pathway. Curving walkways create a sense of calm. They can also help small gardens feel larger because they elongate the walking space. These informal pathways work best when surrounded by lush vegetation.

  3. Stay on the Straight and Narrow Straight walkways give off a more formal vibe. They pair well with colonial style homes and larger properties, though they can work well with any space. Lean toward plants that you can trim and arrange. Box hedges and sculpted topiaries pair well with the crisp and clean lines of a straight walkway.

  4. Choose Your Palette Whether you decide to create a zen garden or a garden inspired by Versailles, it’s important to choose materials that mesh with your theme. Different shapes, textures, and colours of stone can each give off a different feel. For a cosy sensation, add lots of texture, asymmetrical shapes, and deep, rich colour. Going formal? Try angular, flat pavers in a neutral shade.

  5. Mix It Up Some of the best gardens are a blend of styles. Try breaking the rules. Mix textures and colours (like smooth slate and red brick) for a surprising, satisfying pop of colour. By adding a few pavers for a walkway, you can transform a garden into a wow-worthy space. There’s no better time than right now to start creating the garden of your dreams. No matter the space you have, you can create something awesome!

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